Katie Klocke

All About

After a long year of traversing new (admittedly mostly European) places, following one pursuit while chasing after a different yet ever-so-elusive dream, I’ve had many an introduction in the last months in which even the manner of pronouncing my name has given me pause. Thank god for written text: my name is Katie Klocke, and you can pronounce that however you’d like.

A traveller by heart, writer by trade, and musician at core, I’ve been blessed with a salt-of-the-earth Iowa upbringing and a cooler than cool few years in ice cold Chicago with engagements with the Civic Orchestra, many a Chicago music classroom, and tons of very fine musicians of all genres.

A move to Berlin brought to my life a perplexing appetite for minimal techno, undulating career goals, and a once-evasive appreciation for home–whatever form it takes. With a full heart and a stomach even more full of döner, I’ll make the move to Gothenburg, Sweden to pursue many new adventures, the main one being a Master’s degree in violin.

Cue the Kazoo is one of my newest traveling companions, one with whom I will share my latest goings-ons, as well as some things to, perhaps, put in your pocket to take along your own way.