The Musical Priest

I apologize for the delay in posting this! Last week was a full-on marathon of rehearsals with Ligeti, Tower, Wagner, and Mahler on the menu, so I had my hands pretty full. It was a great program and the orchestra performed it on Friday. Part… Read more

Road to Lisdoonvarna/Swallowtail Jig

This entry is coming straight to you from the eye of the hurricane. It’s been a crazy week involving a move to a new country (hej, hej Sverige!), starting a master’s program, and meeting tons of new friends! It’s a pretty pleasant storm, and I’m… Read more

Daphne, a Grappelli Transcription

As much as I love dabbling in other genres, jazz can be kind of painful for my violin and me. It is just so hard not to sound like a complete nerd on the violin when playing jazz. I think it’s that in classical music,… Read more

Relearning the ABC’s with Kreutzer 13

Please bear with me as I begin today’s entry with a grotesque simile: The sensation of changing your violin set-up is like that feeling after a yearly teeth cleaning. It’s clean and sharp, and while you know it’s infinitely better to rid yourself of all… Read more

No more classical for now.