Road to Lisdoonvarna/Swallowtail Jig

This entry is coming straight to you from the eye of the hurricane. It’s been a crazy week involving a move to a new country (hej, hej Sverige!), starting a master’s program, and meeting tons of new friends! It’s a pretty pleasant storm, and I’m also really looking forward to things settling in here in Gothenburg!

Today, I’ll share with you a lovely little Irish fiddletune mashup that I recorded a while back. I have a lot of fun playing these reels, but I have so much further to go when it comes to actually learning the dancing, lilting style that is so enchanting in true Irish fiddle music.

Luckily for me, two of my peers in my music program come from Ireland and play in folk groups. I can’t wait to see them do their stuff and to hopefully add a few tools to my belt!

Here’s to new beginnings, new friends, and great music! Cheers!

Lead Kazoo

My clock always says I'm late, a worm is always in my ear, and my mom's always prayed for my contentedness: that's how I know I need to make music now! Please ingest, enjoy, and enlighten me with your thoughts.