Welcome Kazooers!

It’s with much excitement and a little trepidation that I cue up my proverbial kazoo and invite you to my newest feat in which I cast my ideas through time and space and try my hand my generation’s most earnest attempt to sate the ego, further the pursuit of extro-documentation, buoy some hopes and schemes, catch the drift of invisible internet clouds where hypothetical readers jump for delight at shared haikus, foolproof advice, and rapt quandaries as I write the world’s longest introductory run-on sentence which is completely ridiculous and just the first trick I have up my sleeve.


If you just made it through that sentence, I congratulate you.


Admittedly, these entries may better reflect a freaky circus side-show than an actual blog. Cue the Kazoo brings to you new experiments, old inspirations, amazing friends, and a good dose of general pondering. In each perspective section, you’ll find a little bit about me and some traditions I’ve come to love, but most importantly, you’ll hopefully pick up some good tunes and stories that stick to your guts.


I hope you decide to cue up and tune in to my weekly installations of ear candy as well as share your thoughts on what makes your own life sing. So without further ado, let’s summon up the champagne, cut the ribbon, and cue the kazoo.

Lead Kazoo

My clock always says I'm late, a worm is always in my ear, and my mom's always prayed for my contentedness: that's how I know I need to make music now! Please ingest, enjoy, and enlighten me with your thoughts.