500 Miles, Featuring Suzanne and her Octave Mandolin!

If you know me personally, chances are you already know a million wonderful things about Suzanne Wedeking. Suz is a friend that goes way back. We took from the same amazing violin teacher (LOVE YOU, PATTI!) while growing up in the Des Moines area, so… Read more

Everything Is Free

Crisp blue skies of the early Swedish morning blessed me as I made my way to my first day of school last Monday. This day had been a long time coming, and it was with a mix of apprehension and a kind of nauseous excitement… Read more

I’ll Fly Away with Suzanne Wedeking

You know that smell of fresh Iowa air? It’s loamy with undertones (ok, or overtones) of manure, and in the early spring months, it’s made fresh by the chill which sets a slight freeze to your nose hairs. It had been a long time since… Read more

Greens and Blues Ukulele Cover

The Pixies are a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine and a band that I keep ready in my playlist when I need to channel some chill. They’re a chaotic yet reassuring voice perfect for when I’m stuck in a stuffy train after a long day, have… Read more

Boots of Spanish Leather Ukulele Cover

I owe this song to a dear friend of mine, Suzanne, whom I’m going to visit in France tomorrow! This is a tune that we played together back when I was in the States last spring. Suzanne is responsible for a lot of things in… Read more