Boots of Spanish Leather Ukulele Cover

I owe this song to a dear friend of mine, Suzanne, whom I’m going to visit in France tomorrow! This is a tune that we played together back when I was in the States last spring. Suzanne is responsible for a lot of things in my life. Our friendship solidified as we powered our way through freshman music theory classes, she’s always spurred on my travel plans, and, frankly, we share a distinct type of crazy.

This song is Bob Dylan’s (affiliate link), but this rendition is inspired by Suzanne’s version which is inspired by Joan Baez. Like everything Dylan, the words cut with a plain truth, tying each knot neatly as it comes. His writes with a clarity that often startles and comforts simultaneously.

My departure from Berlin tomorrow starts the first leg of a trip that will spit me out in Gothenburg, Sweden where I’ll start a two year master’s program in music. While I couldn’t be more excited to have this opportunity, I will sorely miss Berlin and the friends I’ve made here. It’s with this song that I set my sails and bid adieu.

Lead Kazoo

My clock always says I'm late, a worm is always in my ear, and my mom's always prayed for my contentedness: that's how I know I need to make music now! Please ingest, enjoy, and enlighten me with your thoughts.