I am so happy to present to you my very first loop that I feel okay with sharing! It’s been a long time coming, but working with this loop pedal has been a delight and a challenge in so many ways since day one. The… Read more

Kusanagi Violin Jam

Reminiscence meets movement on this excellent track by the Seattle electronic duo, Odesza (affiliate link). The cuts of kids playing in the yard, wind chimes ringing in the distance, and the glittering tones that remind me of dust particles alit in slanted sun rays gives… Read more

Intro: The xx Violin Jam

You probably already know The xx, but if you don’t, get on it now! I’ve heard the London trio’s music described as pop experimental (seems a bit of an oxymoron), but to me they are masters of sonic soundscapes. Their music best suits me on… Read more

No more loops for now.