I am so happy to present to you my very first loop that I feel okay with sharing! It’s been a long time coming, but working with this loop pedal has been a delight and a challenge in so many ways since day one.

The first challenge with my loop pedal is how big and heavy it is. No, it’s not that I’m weak or intimidated by its technological girth (ok, ok, maybe just a little), but the real issue is that I’ve been traveling pretty much non-stop for the last two years, and it’s not the easiest thing to take on a plane when my violin already has dibs on my carry-on space.

Before this Goliath pedal (Boss RC-300), I had a wonderful and tiny Boss RC-3. It was my first loop and a great introduction to the concept and to getting comfortable with the pick-up. I had loads of fun jamming with it, however the only ending to every song would have to be an emphatic double toe tap. And after many a minute of constant violin layering, the only option to stop playing was cold and abrupt.

My loop was always with me while in Berlin which happened to be a month or so every now and then. With all it’s buttons and settings and chords and things, this mother of a pedal has me pretty much feeling like I’m learning a brand new instrument from the ground up. And if you’ve ever tried to learn an instrument, you probably know that intermittent practice every few months doesn’t really go very far.

That pretty much sums up all of my excuses, so now for a little about this track. I had a little time to rest up and break out the loop while at the Baltic Sea last month. I’ve had the pleasure of spending a decent amount of time up there, and it’s always a respite of fragrant pine winds and endless blues of the dark sea (not to mention getting some beach-walk therapy for my chronically flat feet).

The pace, the harmony, the pleasant yet incessant droning of the natural world inspired my playing, and although I discovered some challenges of the loop anew (lining up entrances is much easier with other players that you can see!), I’ve decided to embrace this little experiment with all of its slip ups and unexpected happenings.

I promise to include more loops in the future–no more excuses now that I’m here in Gothenburg for a whole two years! If you have any questions, tips, or ideas on the loop, let me at ’em by adding them to the conversation below!

Lead Kazoo

My clock always says I'm late, a worm is always in my ear, and my mom's always prayed for my contentedness: that's how I know I need to make music now! Please ingest, enjoy, and enlighten me with your thoughts.