Kusanagi Violin Jam

Reminiscence meets movement on this excellent track by the Seattle electronic duo, Odesza (affiliate link). The cuts of kids playing in the yard, wind chimes ringing in the distance, and the glittering tones that remind me of dust particles alit in slanted sun rays gives… Read more

Phantom Limb

I’m so excited to share one of my first originals! I’ve had my ukulele for about a month, and I’ve come to love it for its simplicity, its charm, and especially for the lyrical freedom it affords me. Don’t get me wrong, I love swimming… Read more

Relearning the ABC’s with Kreutzer 13

Please bear with me as I begin today’s entry with a grotesque simile: The sensation of changing your violin set-up is like that feeling after a yearly teeth cleaning. It’s clean and sharp, and while you know it’s infinitely better to rid yourself of all… Read more

Test Drive on My New Ukulele

I love traveling songs. Whether it’s Willy Nelson on the road, Sam Cooke drifting with the blues, or the first movement Janacek’s Kreutzer Sonata, the idea of music physically thrusting us to and fro, connecting us with greater parts of the world and our selves…. Read more

Intro: The xx Violin Jam

You probably already know The xx, but if you don’t, get on it now! I’ve heard the London trio’s music described as pop experimental (seems a bit of an oxymoron), but to me they are masters of sonic soundscapes. Their music best suits me on… Read more